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Friday, June 19, 2015

What I love about Delhi - Part 1

If I start writing what I love about Delhi in a single blog then it will fall under the category called - tl;dr. That's why this is the first part only and rest will follow sooner. Part -1 is the basic of the any living being i.e. food. I love Delhi because of the food varieties present here to sooth or burn your sense.

If you live in Delhi, I bet you will never your home food. You may belong to North India, South India, NorthEast  India or even if you don't belong to India. You will always get your favourite food somewhere in Delhi. Be it north Delhi, south Delhi, east Delhi or west Delhi you will always find something to satisfy your taste buds.

I have been living mostly in east delhi since last 8 years still I have serious doubt that I know all the eat joints here. I will try to cover my favourite places as many as I can.

East Delhi: If you ever visit in East Delhi area with some space in your stomach be sure to get it filled here. I will start from best thing around Vikash Marg then inner areas. The first place I liked the most is Nazeer of Pandav Nagar even you can enjoy it in V3S mall too but its little costly there. Then we can go to Bobby Tikki Wala in Preet Vihar. Then we can move to Geeta Colony for various cuisine, for chicken visit Chawla Chicken Corner   for veg visit Ramesh Vaishno Dhaba- it is famous for its chaap. Going little furthe in laxminagar , I love special kind of dessert named as "Traffic Jam" in Mangal Bazar. This actually creates traffic jam there. You have to go in evening to see its effect.

West Delhi: West Delhi is also the place where you can find cheap and best and as well as not so cheap but best things. If you have any doubt regarding any other west delhi joint go to Rajouri Garden or Karol Bagh with your eyes closed. I will give some name - you can help yourself thereafter. Lights Camera Action - Air Bar --- its filmy style+ awesome taste. Roshan Di Kulfi,Red Brick Cafe- in Karol Bagh.

South Delhi: South Delhi also packs the same punch as above with some extra class. Go to Hauz Khas village for some romantic dinner/lunch/bars. If you stuck in Nehru Place for some gadgets don't forget to eat Rajma Chaawal  or Palak Paneer rice there.

North Delhi: Ricos at GTB for students hangouts,

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