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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mantraaaaaa for Freshness !!

As we all know, the easiest way to create an indelible impression on common people mind is pictorial representation. Whenever we say something, it has not that bigger impact on our mind as compared to a video representation. Things can be more clear and transparent when represented through video and any means which is pictorial. It reaches to mass.

The choreography of this video has a lot of energy and enthusiasm which attracts youths as well as the child. The advertisement maker has casted a well known star Alu Arjun so that the message can be conveyed to most of the people who watch TV or spend time on internet. The video is very colorful as well which is fascinating the common people. The lyrics of the video includes different language which adds the flavor of diversity of our culture. The attire of the star cast tells the story of diversified Indian culture and tradition. In short, we can affirm that, it is a combination of culture and latest trends.

Since, this ad is all about the freshness of Colgate toothpaste. Watching the video in single go clearly affirms the freshness of the star cast. They have tried to justify their work up to their best. The most impressing part of the video is its music which is very trendy which reaches to the community of youths. This video will create a great influence because of the two well known stars Alu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. They are bigger and famous name in Indian movie industry. Common people know them very well and follow them as well. The music has north Indian as well as south Indian touch to attract the audience of north and south. The editing and sync effect has no complaints.

If we look at another aspect of the video, the choreography and dance moves attracts those who are fond of dance. They can learn few moves by watching the video and try at their own. The dance is a combination of western as well as regional form both. Focusing to all the aspects of the video clearly show the completeness of Indian music and film industry. The Indian movie is complete in itself with all the diversities of art, culture and knowledge.

The conclusion is here, the video is overall complete and will attract the people at least once and the message can be easily conveyed and hopefully Colgate can find more and more customers after this ad film becomes viral on common people portal that can be accessed from anywhere by anybody.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Taking care of FirstLove

As we all know how sensitive a baby skin is. So, knowing this fact, we should gather all essential information and consequences of the products that we are going to use on their skin. Today's life, we are not interested about knowing the ingredient contents of a product and believe it blindly which is not so good and results in problem in many cases.

As I am going to talk about the advantages of the Natural oil and disadvantages of Baby oil on babies skin. I would like to highlight some facts about the Baby oil available in the market. Most of the baby oil which are available in the market are the byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil which is a foreign material to baby skin. These are synthetic oil which are harmful to human health. These mineral oils are viscous and when applied in the skin, block the pores of the skin. The sweating plays vital role in detoxification from the body. Since, the sweating does not take place properly causes the toxins to stay inside the body which is quite harmful to health. So, mineral oil and petrochemical products should never be used on baby skin.

The best natural oils which can be used in place are coconut oil, olive oil and Shea butter. These organic oil can be used with Lavender or Essential Oil to make as moisturizer or massage oil. Vegetable oils like, Sunflower oil or grape seed oil can be used if the baby has sensitive skin. These vegetable oils contain linoleic acid, contains essential fatty acid which is useful to protect barrier element of baby's skin. Apart from this, we need to analyze the type of skin a baby has. If a baby has dry skin or atopic eczema, the vegetable oils should not be used as it has linoleic acid. Coconut oil is believed to be a good choice in the hot summer months. It is easily available and has a cooling effect on the body. According the experts, the vegetable oil can easily be digested when the baby sucks the oil smeared thumb. Mustard oil is preferred for giving massages in cold weather as it warms the body.

So, final comments are, We should not go with the TV advertisements blindly for everything. We have lot of resources available around to do some R&D for a product we are going to purchase and use, specially when it comes to Edibles and Skin related products. Baby's skin are very sensitive, so it needs to be taken care properly.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Choosing healthy diet - balance or crash

As our society is getting modernised what to eat is becoming a dilemma. We are now too much conscious about what we eat vs how we want to look like. And how we look is very much influenced by the continuous ad running around us. We no longer want to look like healthy parents or grandparents. Everybody wants a celebrity figure. They usually forget that that's their business, they are bound to do it due to market demand. (To prove it: See health and physic of any legendary non-hero-villian  actors and count their packs - it will be zero. Aren't they healthy - Yes they are as healthy as of the 6 pack actors. eg- Anupam Kher, Nana patekar, Irfan Khan etc).
All you should worry about is your BMI.  And we have a quick and easy way to do it.

So need to have focus on having a balanced diet with maintaining a good BMI.

Now let's move to the circumstances that due to unavoidable situation you got some or more unwanted fat on your body. There are two ways to solve this problem -
1. Crash Diet- In this way of diet you kind of starve yourself . You avoid all the fat, carbs even proteins. This diet may look like you have achieved your desired goal but wait.... did this crash diet actually helped you? Have you calculated it's aftermath ? If your answer is No then you have landed to right blog.
 Read some the following articles ..

Besides these articles I will give you simple logic that why Crash diets don't work for you-

  1. Our body tries to resist any negative things we do to it. But there is a limit to harm and usually crash diets used to cross it without our knowledge as our main focus is being slim. 
  2. When you resist yourself to eat very less for a small time frame then after completing your diet course you feel so good that you end with eating more before you started the crash course.
Point 1 and 2 tends to work together that's why most of the crash diet crashes  before reaching its goal.
2. Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is a diet which everyone should follow according to their BMI. It's is not a single plan which works for everyone, it is a diverse plans for our diversified human body. 
If you want to stay healthy for a long time you have to select a balanced diet which contains fat(not low fat), carbs(no 0 carbs), proteins , vitamins, fibres in it pure form. If you want to keep your and your family's health in good shape try to read the book - In defence of food.(read reviews).
Why balanced diet works - you can reverse point no 1 and 2 and get your answer as food is all about habit. Balanced diet changes your food habit for a much longer duration than crash diet as while taking a balanced diet you don't feel hungry or low for the duration of course and you stay fit. This is where Honey Diet helps you. It helps you to maintain your BMI which leads to a healthy diet.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saving money, mind and time with UCBrowser

 We are very lucky who got old while seeing performance of legends like Sachin, Rahul, Ganguly, etc. The best part was we used to enjoy with our family. But now a days not everyone stays family and doesn't get enough time to watch on TV. Our primary gadget has become our phone to consume all kind of entertainment and news.
But there is an issue with phone - our bandwidth is limited. If bandwidth is not issue then data limit becomes an issue.
We have to live with these issues but it becomes unbearable when cricket comes into picture. Why because we can't afford to miss to any ball in cricket, each ball brings different excitement.
There were different kinds of balls I used to love -
1. The ball which can Sachin 50,100,200
2. The ball which can bring hat trick for our bowler .
3. Every ball after Yuvi's third six which converted to 6, 6s.
4. Winning sixer or run from MS Dhoni
5. Sehwag's unpredictable innings glued us to our television set.
6. Rahanne's classic how can someone afford to miss.
7. Dravid's rock solid defence was an interesting thing to watch.
8. Then there is a thing called world cup and IPL.
Going through all these 8 or more points, we all have different reasons to watch it. This is where UC browser's UC Cricket.  Which will give you instant updates about cricket.
When you don't watch on television or cable, you are left only with two options whether you watch a recap or take help of Internet to watch. Recap doesn't give pleasure of live performance as you already know the news. So we left with the option of watching our favourite sport on mobile. Watching on mobile has its own consequences as it hits your data pack which is a costly affair. In India there is a lack of faster internet(read 4G and poor 3G reception) that's why buffering a video is norm here. This norm is violated by UC browser which gives you uninterpreted browsing experience. Being fast it saves bandwidth as well as which eventually saves your money.

Beside this very useful feature it has many more features.
1. adjustable screen brightness in the browser itself which saves battery as well as strain in eyes.- Night mode

2. Cool landing page in home screen mobile as well as browser.

3. In the browser you can download even various apps just like google play store

4. You can create your own wi-fi and you can let your friends connect to it.(See the Wifi- icon above) 

5. Smart Download - This will help you resume bigger file download.

6.  Custom theme- This will help you customise your browser accodring to your taste. 

7. Control of video's volume and brightness through gesture.

Download UC browser for all your web needs from

Happy and fast Browsing !! Way to go UC!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Khuljaye Bachpan ki yaadein

Being at the age of 25+ I still count myself as a child, a child who is staying away from parents due to having a 9-6 jobs. We all know how much a job can put pressure on us. Whenever I feel too low, one of my favourite thing is do a breakfast with chocos.

It lets me forget all worries while enjoying its chocolate flavor. One of the moment I want to share here from childhood was having very low score in an exam in which I anticipated a high score. I was worried and sad that what my parents will think of me. I was kind of afraid too that my dad can get hyper with the marks I achieved. I didn't want to come from school. In my mind I decided to re-evaluate all the papers I had attempted as I knew I have written good and correct answers, somewhat I overcame my fear with this logic and went home.

Dad was waiting home for my results while mom was busy doing some other household chores. I sat beside dad and handed him my report card. Reading that card I could see his changing expressions may be he was trying to overcome or hide his anger, he asked gently - Why you had received poor marks?
I replied - I haven't made any mistake it may be some technical mistake like teacher may have missed to add some marks while evaluating.(Dad was more concerned about my Maths marks as I was good at it).

Dad thought for a while and said -  let me apply to re-evaluate your exam sheet, it will clear all the mess you created. I was readily agreed. Then 10-15 minutes later, I don't know what strikes him, he said- "These marks on paper cannot decide your fate, keep trying harder for the next exam. We will see what happens!!!. Anyway you are having decent marks".(We were expecting 98 in Maths but it was only 76) .

This was the life lesson I learnt from my dad that - No matter what you did/received in past, you can always make your future brighter.
This was my khuljaye bachpan moment. After this talk dad prepared a bowl full of cornflakes with milk full of cream and prepared for me (Usually mom used to do it for me.).  This incident changed my life significantly and I overcome my fear of getting low marks. Next maths paper I got 98!!!!!!!!!!