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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Choosing healthy diet - balance or crash

As our society is getting modernised what to eat is becoming a dilemma. We are now too much conscious about what we eat vs how we want to look like. And how we look is very much influenced by the continuous ad running around us. We no longer want to look like healthy parents or grandparents. Everybody wants a celebrity figure. They usually forget that that's their business, they are bound to do it due to market demand. (To prove it: See health and physic of any legendary non-hero-villian  actors and count their packs - it will be zero. Aren't they healthy - Yes they are as healthy as of the 6 pack actors. eg- Anupam Kher, Nana patekar, Irfan Khan etc).
All you should worry about is your BMI.  And we have a quick and easy way to do it.

So need to have focus on having a balanced diet with maintaining a good BMI.

Now let's move to the circumstances that due to unavoidable situation you got some or more unwanted fat on your body. There are two ways to solve this problem -
1. Crash Diet- In this way of diet you kind of starve yourself . You avoid all the fat, carbs even proteins. This diet may look like you have achieved your desired goal but wait.... did this crash diet actually helped you? Have you calculated it's aftermath ? If your answer is No then you have landed to right blog.
 Read some the following articles ..

Besides these articles I will give you simple logic that why Crash diets don't work for you-

  1. Our body tries to resist any negative things we do to it. But there is a limit to harm and usually crash diets used to cross it without our knowledge as our main focus is being slim. 
  2. When you resist yourself to eat very less for a small time frame then after completing your diet course you feel so good that you end with eating more before you started the crash course.
Point 1 and 2 tends to work together that's why most of the crash diet crashes  before reaching its goal.
2. Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is a diet which everyone should follow according to their BMI. It's is not a single plan which works for everyone, it is a diverse plans for our diversified human body. 
If you want to stay healthy for a long time you have to select a balanced diet which contains fat(not low fat), carbs(no 0 carbs), proteins , vitamins, fibres in it pure form. If you want to keep your and your family's health in good shape try to read the book - In defence of food.(read reviews).
Why balanced diet works - you can reverse point no 1 and 2 and get your answer as food is all about habit. Balanced diet changes your food habit for a much longer duration than crash diet as while taking a balanced diet you don't feel hungry or low for the duration of course and you stay fit. This is where Honey Diet helps you. It helps you to maintain your BMI which leads to a healthy diet.

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