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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Khuljaye Bachpan ki yaadein

Being at the age of 25+ I still count myself as a child, a child who is staying away from parents due to having a 9-6 jobs. We all know how much a job can put pressure on us. Whenever I feel too low, one of my favourite thing is do a breakfast with chocos.

It lets me forget all worries while enjoying its chocolate flavor. One of the moment I want to share here from childhood was having very low score in an exam in which I anticipated a high score. I was worried and sad that what my parents will think of me. I was kind of afraid too that my dad can get hyper with the marks I achieved. I didn't want to come from school. In my mind I decided to re-evaluate all the papers I had attempted as I knew I have written good and correct answers, somewhat I overcame my fear with this logic and went home.

Dad was waiting home for my results while mom was busy doing some other household chores. I sat beside dad and handed him my report card. Reading that card I could see his changing expressions may be he was trying to overcome or hide his anger, he asked gently - Why you had received poor marks?
I replied - I haven't made any mistake it may be some technical mistake like teacher may have missed to add some marks while evaluating.(Dad was more concerned about my Maths marks as I was good at it).

Dad thought for a while and said -  let me apply to re-evaluate your exam sheet, it will clear all the mess you created. I was readily agreed. Then 10-15 minutes later, I don't know what strikes him, he said- "These marks on paper cannot decide your fate, keep trying harder for the next exam. We will see what happens!!!. Anyway you are having decent marks".(We were expecting 98 in Maths but it was only 76) .

This was the life lesson I learnt from my dad that - No matter what you did/received in past, you can always make your future brighter.
This was my khuljaye bachpan moment. After this talk dad prepared a bowl full of cornflakes with milk full of cream and prepared for me (Usually mom used to do it for me.).  This incident changed my life significantly and I overcome my fear of getting low marks. Next maths paper I got 98!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. 98 in Maths! That's super, I could never go beyond 50-60. :D

    So agree that supportive parents play a huge rule in shaping our personalities. Nicely written.

    Here's what I wrote!