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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saving money, mind and time with UCBrowser

 We are very lucky who got old while seeing performance of legends like Sachin, Rahul, Ganguly, etc. The best part was we used to enjoy with our family. But now a days not everyone stays family and doesn't get enough time to watch on TV. Our primary gadget has become our phone to consume all kind of entertainment and news.
But there is an issue with phone - our bandwidth is limited. If bandwidth is not issue then data limit becomes an issue.
We have to live with these issues but it becomes unbearable when cricket comes into picture. Why because we can't afford to miss to any ball in cricket, each ball brings different excitement.
There were different kinds of balls I used to love -
1. The ball which can Sachin 50,100,200
2. The ball which can bring hat trick for our bowler .
3. Every ball after Yuvi's third six which converted to 6, 6s.
4. Winning sixer or run from MS Dhoni
5. Sehwag's unpredictable innings glued us to our television set.
6. Rahanne's classic how can someone afford to miss.
7. Dravid's rock solid defence was an interesting thing to watch.
8. Then there is a thing called world cup and IPL.
Going through all these 8 or more points, we all have different reasons to watch it. This is where UC browser's UC Cricket.  Which will give you instant updates about cricket.
When you don't watch on television or cable, you are left only with two options whether you watch a recap or take help of Internet to watch. Recap doesn't give pleasure of live performance as you already know the news. So we left with the option of watching our favourite sport on mobile. Watching on mobile has its own consequences as it hits your data pack which is a costly affair. In India there is a lack of faster internet(read 4G and poor 3G reception) that's why buffering a video is norm here. This norm is violated by UC browser which gives you uninterpreted browsing experience. Being fast it saves bandwidth as well as which eventually saves your money.

Beside this very useful feature it has many more features.
1. adjustable screen brightness in the browser itself which saves battery as well as strain in eyes.- Night mode

2. Cool landing page in home screen mobile as well as browser.

3. In the browser you can download even various apps just like google play store

4. You can create your own wi-fi and you can let your friends connect to it.(See the Wifi- icon above) 

5. Smart Download - This will help you resume bigger file download.

6.  Custom theme- This will help you customise your browser accodring to your taste. 

7. Control of video's volume and brightness through gesture.

Download UC browser for all your web needs from

Happy and fast Browsing !! Way to go UC!!!!

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