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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Waiting for speed of 4G

As a  Computer Science graduate I know the value of Network speed. In our college we always enjoyed 1 gbps internet connection that we all guys wanted same in our homes.

This was one of the reason why our most of the friends opted for 4 Mbps or 2 Mbps at home and their hard disk used to crash in 5-6 months for obvious reasons. That time smart phone revolution just began to start. And my friends started to go for newer models of smartphone. Whenever they asked me what model they should buy- I always said them to go for 3G phones although 3G penetration was very low.

Why I asked them to buy 3G- because I knew US is running 4G so 3G cover is going to increase as well 4G will be launched sooner or later.

I had to wait 3 years to hear very first news of 4G in India and that too from my favourite telecom Airtel. Here is the Wiki Link in case you missed the launched news.
As 4G is a different technology so it took some time to get spread but when you get it shakes your mobile experience. Thank god I have a 4G phone, now I need only 4G sim to get started. In case you have any doubt which phones are supporting 4G- airtel comes to rescue you. 
Here is the website link for your convenience 
I am already a fan of Airtel but Airtel also keeps working hard to increase their fan base. Here is the proof of their hard work and dedication:- 
  • Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services
  • Nationwide rollout across 296 cities
  • 4G available at 3G prices
  • Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G
  • Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

As soon as I get the 4G sim following activities going to be super smooth for me:
  • No more youtube buffering problem.
  • Online videos in high resolution.
  • Downloading of video tutorials.
  • Application download time will be reduce significantly 
  • No more frustration while video chat to loved ones.
  • My google drive sync will be on fast lane.
  • Sending or receiving videos or images on whatsapp will be in a blink.
  • My quora browsing will take less time, I can visit it more often :)
  • The verge will take less time to load
  • Now it will be possible for me to view online video tutorials without having it to download
  • I can now watch online movies purchased on Google play movies.
  • Waiting eagerly for Netflix to launch in India, then combo of Airtel and Netflix will be deadly.
  • Online gaming will be real fun on 4G as I can tether my phone to PC
Now Airtel is up for the speed challenge let's see who are the challengers?

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