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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

how a Sachhi advice makes a difference

In India, there is a saying that always try to live around good people or say educated people. Why because getting a good advice from an educated person is always higher than an uneducated person. And I don't think that I have to explain why it is said so.
The purpose of above saying is that one single advice can change your life's path for better or worse. 
It is simple to say that a good advice will put you on good path and bad advice will put you in bad path. But life's biggest problem is that you don't know when to follow which advice. Your mind will say something, your heart will say something else and your friend will say something else. Which point is to follow you hardly know at that time. Similar thing happened to me also. To know how you have to read my blog post  that how I got my first my job.

I will explain you about 4th point here how Sunita Singh came into picture. Sunita Singh is my cousin almost 7-8 elder than me. When I was in college, she was HR in a reputation firm. One day I was talking to her about my career plans. I was telling her that I was interesting in doing a Linux admin certification to get the Linux admin job. But, as she was HR she knew the industry fact, she told to me move to programming especially JAVA programming to get a good job. I was very bad at JAVA.(You can check my marks :P). But I don't know why I felt that she is telling a right thing. I changed my  mind and move to programming and I joined external classes for JAVA. But still this didn't stop me doing open source project. I completed my college major project in PHP instead of JAVA only due to love for open source community. But learning JAVA gave me first job, second job .  Now I know why JAVA is there and why I am here. Thanks Sunita didi for your Sachhi advice.

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.

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