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Friday, October 2, 2015

Book review part -4: Volga se Ganga

I have tried two times to write a review about Volga Se Ganga. But on both occasions I lost my track what to write and where to begin. Reasons may be multiple, first thing is – Due to diversity of the content of the book and secondly my slow rate of reception of those philosophies and facts.

I have read multiple books which deal with various problems of society, most of them deal with a single problem and its description and resolution. But this book is totally different. I have become fan of Rahul Sankrityayan immediately when I read how beautifully he has managed so many things inside a single book. Let me illustrate more.

If you ask me what category/genre this book can fall, I will try to name a few
  • Fiction
  • History
  • Suspense thriller(Very small section)
  • Economics
  • Social Justice
  • Gender Equality
  • Love Story and relationship guide
  • Religion
  • Evolution
  • Self Help
  • Public Administration
  • Child marriage
  • Casteism
  • Politics
  • Humour

I may have left some more genre I couldn't recall. What astonishes me is – how he managed to put so much knowledge this book in a concise way. He was an avid reader, traveler, researcher, philosopher e.t.c.. You will get to know his charisma only after reading this book.

This book is written in 1945 and you can still find how much it is relevant this era. You can easily relate what he was trying to tell from his fictional stories.

I wanted to pick one of the genre from it and write about it but I couldn't. Somewhere my mind is saying let the reader purchase the book and decide themselves what they can extract from this book. If I start detailing about any of the genres, it will be hard for me to not to write about others. I simply can't decide this moment which genre should get my first attention.(If I update this review- will let you know for sure). Eg: Can you tell me which is more significant gender equality or public- administration? Can you separate two of them?

If you love Hindi literature or want to invest some quality time on quality content- this is it. Look no further. Grab a coffee and start going from Volga se Ganga.

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