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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yes, the champ is back again

Hello Friends- As we all know the name "Google" always fascinates us in itself. There is a belief and image that google has produced is incredible in itself.

We have a different mindset for google products whether it is Android OS, Chromebook or Nexus phone. Google has introduced all the features of a best Smartphone in Nexus. The price of this phone is completely worth according to its specification. This Nexus 5X has been designed and created by LG Electronics released in Sep 2015.

It has the latest version of Android OS which is Marshmallow. A new technology has been used in this smartphone for maximize the battery utilization. The smartphone is having accelerometer, gyroscope and fingerprint as in built deviices which senses the movements to save the power for maximum battery utilization. It is available in 16 GB
as well as 32 GB hard drive.
This phone is going to give tough competition to other smartphones like iPhones and samsung smartphones in its category.
 It has a latest 1.8 GHz hexa 64 bit processor which has tremendously fast responsive time.
  It has 12.3 MP primary camera with 1.55 micrometer pixel size and 5 MP secondary camera with 1.4 micrometer pixel size.
 It is very light with 136g as a weight.
 It has full HD display with corning Gorilla Glass 3.
 It also feature finger print based authentication

 The people who will be using smartphones and fond of smartphone will be attracted towards this for sure because of its specifications and new smart features. This will surely beat all its competitors in its category of smartphones. The touch is wonderful and quite sensitive. The people who have already another version of Nexus will surely be fascinated towards this because of its look and features. This is going to be another success of Nexus for sure because ot its newly invented features and specifications.
“I am participating in the#ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.“

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