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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Keeping baby's skin soft and healthy

As a parent we know how sensitive a baby skin is. Therefore we should gather all essential information and consequences of the products that we are going to apply on their skin.  While searching for things which can keep baby’s skin soft and healthy we should combine traditional knowledge as well as new scientific knowledge.
I am going to discuss some ways from following which you can get softest and healthiest baby skin
1. Oils:- As I am going to talk about the advantages of the Natural oil and disadvantages of Baby oil on babies skin. I would like to highlight some facts about the Baby oil available in the market. Most of the baby oil which are available in the market are the byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil which is a foreign material to baby skin. These are synthetic oil which are harmful to human health. These mineral oils are viscous and when applied in the skin, block the pores of the skin. The sweating plays vital role in detoxification from the body. Since, the sweating does not take place properly causes the toxins to stay inside the body which is quite harmful to health. So, mineral oil and petrochemical products should never be used on baby skin.
2.    Bath: Try to give your child a mild and gentle bath every day. Water used for bath should not be too hot or cold. Check water temperature on your arms rather than palm. As palms are little insensitive than other part of body.  Daily bath will moisture baby’s skin as well open their pores to breathe more.
3.    Protection from Sun: Babies need sun to develop strong bones but too much sun can burn their skin, so when sun is mild then only child should be exposed to it like morning or evening.
4.    Healthy Diet: Until unless baby is healthy from inside no matter how you keep outside won’t make much change. So healthy diet is the most import part of keeping skin healthy and soft. We can consult doctors for a recommended diet.
5.    Clothing: This is one of the most important aspect of keeping babies skin healthy and soft. Unclean cloths can make baby ill and cause skin problems.  So we should aim for the clothing and bedding as soft and clean as possible. This is one of the region where pamper can save you when you have less time to change and wash regular diapers. These are one of the softest in the market.
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