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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book review Part - 5 : The BestSeller She wrote

Ravi Subramanian was introduced to me by , by giving me one of his best creation - God is a Gamer. Being not a fan of fictional stories I always search for contents which I usually search inside a book as a technical personal was- technical details of the technical things. God is a gamer didn't disappointed me, so I went forward and applied for his next release : The BestSeller She Wrote. 

I had similar expectation from TBSW as God is a Gamer had created a different impression to me altogether.But this fiction is different from all other Ravi's fiction. You will feel the difference after reading 5-10 pages. This contains all the Bollywood drama emotion and tragedy. This surely meets the Bollywood criteria. 

Story starts as you expected from book tagline and goes with same flow almost till the end but if you have read a Ravi's fiction, things don't go as straight as you would expect, here he does the same. But he could have done better, Ravi is better than this. 
May be that's because I have set my expectations a bit more than previous thriller God is a Gamer. It does not lose it pace in between the reading, although I have read it in 4 days due for time constraints. I know how difficult it was to put the book on table without finishing it. It contains love, sacrifice, betrayal, dedication and redemption - of course. I noticed one more this time- it got more erotica than Ravi's previous creations. I won't spill the beans you have to find it own.

Last but not the least the message from book is clear that Karma hits you back. It does not matter who you are, it will chase you until you get what you have sown. It tells us how important is family is for us and what it matters in the course of life's journey. We may be blind for obvious truth but truth is truth and when it comes to adultery, it is not a compulsion for anyone in any condition it is just a matter of choice. Ebola angle was also a surprise for me and appreciate the detail about the disease written by the author. And another thing I liked the most is in this there is reference of, that made me feel privileged being part of blogadda family. And I learned a lot about book publishing and writing. It tells us to put our feet on ground when we fly above cloud 9.

 Although in this book there is a happy ending but it won't be in every case in real life. 
 So final verdicts came as it is worth one time read for sure. Pick this one on weekend and you will enjoy the bumpy ride of The Bestseller She Wrote.

Rating : 3.5/5
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Business Made Easy with

  India is a diverse country with varieties of artistic products.  But here is main problem is demand and supply gap. This gap is due to low purchasing power in the locality where the product is being made. Actually hand made products are costlier due to two facts:

  1. High cost and effort of human labour
  2. High material cost due to hand picked materials by individuals.
This has why these art becomes so expensive that it became almost impossible to consume all of it locally.
Best example is Banarasi Sarees and Madhubani painting.
For the both mentioned reason these arts are expensive.
And other problem with such art is - having little margin for the producers because of third man.
They buy in bulk from the producers and sell them across country at a higher margin. To solve such issue comes at rescue. It does not provides broad market inside the country but as well as outside the county.
Here is the some benefits provides
  1.  Global Presence: has global presence, therefore you can create your product at your place and you can sell it to anybody around the world. This works both ways -like consumer can also purchase the product made in some other country too. This way both gets benefited.
  2. MultiLingual : This site is available in multiple language to overcome the language barrier. Here are the supported languages :
  • English
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Espanol
  • Polish
  • Deutsch 
  • Czech
  • Italian
  3. Free for Sellers: It is completely free to sign up to for sellers and make your own showroom and sell whatever they like! do not take any commissions, therefore they don’t need to pay extra to buy from the site and sellers get the full price for their items without losing a percentage of the price. This ensures that price to be minimum and maximum profit to seller. Here you can setup your free online shop, free facebook shop to sell online with this amazing marketplace and make money online .

    4. Like minded community presence: With the help of like minded community you can get all sort of help and suggestions for your business.
5. Get amazing Indian art: Here you can find truly amazing Indian arts which are usually difficult to find elsewhere.

6. Extensive list of products : Here you get big bunch of categories to suit your search queries. See this

Now being an entrepreneur is never been so easy in India. Let's make use of all creative ideas and channels ( to fully utilize our potential.

    Friday, December 4, 2015

    My Desserts: The Gajar ka halwa

    I am big fan of Got(game of thrones). Whenever it displays winter is coming I get delighted instead of being frightened. Why ? because -winter is itself cool.
    And I am one of those who takes advantage of this chilled weather. The biggest advantage is to - almost freedom to eat anything. This includes freedom to eat sweets and desserts without getting bulky.
    And my favourite is none other than is Gaajar ka Halwa and that too self made.
    I have learnt this through my mom. He cooks it best. But as live far from her. I try to feed my hunger through mine cooking and I am not a bad cook at all when it comes to desserts and sweets.
    Now let's get into the business.
    I would try to make Gaajar ka Haywards for two people and keep the same ratio in case of more number of persons. You need fresh carrot 1 kg. Pick the sweetest of carrot from market.
    • 1 kg full cream milk or
    • 200-250 gram of mawa or khoya
    •  50 gram of kismis
    •  50 gram of almond
    •  50 grams of groundnuts if you like
    •  Desi ghee 30-50 gram
    • 50 gram of grinded coconut
    Method :
    Take the pan which can accommodate your ingredients
    First heat the pan and then put ghee into it
    Then put crushed carrot in each. You can skip carrot bones for better taste, but I would recommend not to exclude those for nutrition value.
    Keep stirring unless your carrot takes a darker colour or remains half.
    Then add milk or mawa in as well as chopped dry fruits of your choice.
    Keep stirring unless you are unable to find traces of milk or mawa
    And it's now ready to serve as hot or chilled as you prefer
    One thing you may have noticed that I have not included sugar in it. I like the raw taste of all these in form of halwa.
    In case if you do require it sweet you can add 200 gram
    In the last stage of halwa
    But now let's talk about the person who is health conscious or a diabetic person who a sweet halwa but can't take a bite due for sugar in it
    In that case Sugar free comes to rescue you. It tastes pretty close to sugar