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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book review Part - 5 : The BestSeller She wrote

Ravi Subramanian was introduced to me by , by giving me one of his best creation - God is a Gamer. Being not a fan of fictional stories I always search for contents which I usually search inside a book as a technical personal was- technical details of the technical things. God is a gamer didn't disappointed me, so I went forward and applied for his next release : The BestSeller She Wrote. 

I had similar expectation from TBSW as God is a Gamer had created a different impression to me altogether.But this fiction is different from all other Ravi's fiction. You will feel the difference after reading 5-10 pages. This contains all the Bollywood drama emotion and tragedy. This surely meets the Bollywood criteria. 

Story starts as you expected from book tagline and goes with same flow almost till the end but if you have read a Ravi's fiction, things don't go as straight as you would expect, here he does the same. But he could have done better, Ravi is better than this. 
May be that's because I have set my expectations a bit more than previous thriller God is a Gamer. It does not lose it pace in between the reading, although I have read it in 4 days due for time constraints. I know how difficult it was to put the book on table without finishing it. It contains love, sacrifice, betrayal, dedication and redemption - of course. I noticed one more this time- it got more erotica than Ravi's previous creations. I won't spill the beans you have to find it own.

Last but not the least the message from book is clear that Karma hits you back. It does not matter who you are, it will chase you until you get what you have sown. It tells us how important is family is for us and what it matters in the course of life's journey. We may be blind for obvious truth but truth is truth and when it comes to adultery, it is not a compulsion for anyone in any condition it is just a matter of choice. Ebola angle was also a surprise for me and appreciate the detail about the disease written by the author. And another thing I liked the most is in this there is reference of, that made me feel privileged being part of blogadda family. And I learned a lot about book publishing and writing. It tells us to put our feet on ground when we fly above cloud 9.

 Although in this book there is a happy ending but it won't be in every case in real life. 
 So final verdicts came as it is worth one time read for sure. Pick this one on weekend and you will enjoy the bumpy ride of The Bestseller She Wrote.

Rating : 3.5/5
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