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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Business Made Easy with

  India is a diverse country with varieties of artistic products.  But here is main problem is demand and supply gap. This gap is due to low purchasing power in the locality where the product is being made. Actually hand made products are costlier due to two facts:

  1. High cost and effort of human labour
  2. High material cost due to hand picked materials by individuals.
This has why these art becomes so expensive that it became almost impossible to consume all of it locally.
Best example is Banarasi Sarees and Madhubani painting.
For the both mentioned reason these arts are expensive.
And other problem with such art is - having little margin for the producers because of third man.
They buy in bulk from the producers and sell them across country at a higher margin. To solve such issue comes at rescue. It does not provides broad market inside the country but as well as outside the county.
Here is the some benefits provides
  1.  Global Presence: has global presence, therefore you can create your product at your place and you can sell it to anybody around the world. This works both ways -like consumer can also purchase the product made in some other country too. This way both gets benefited.
  2. MultiLingual : This site is available in multiple language to overcome the language barrier. Here are the supported languages :
  • English
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Espanol
  • Polish
  • Deutsch 
  • Czech
  • Italian
  3. Free for Sellers: It is completely free to sign up to for sellers and make your own showroom and sell whatever they like! do not take any commissions, therefore they don’t need to pay extra to buy from the site and sellers get the full price for their items without losing a percentage of the price. This ensures that price to be minimum and maximum profit to seller. Here you can setup your free online shop, free facebook shop to sell online with this amazing marketplace and make money online .

    4. Like minded community presence: With the help of like minded community you can get all sort of help and suggestions for your business.
5. Get amazing Indian art: Here you can find truly amazing Indian arts which are usually difficult to find elsewhere.

6. Extensive list of products : Here you get big bunch of categories to suit your search queries. See this

Now being an entrepreneur is never been so easy in India. Let's make use of all creative ideas and channels ( to fully utilize our potential.

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