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Friday, March 4, 2016

Dear future husband,, here's few things...

Dear future husband,,,

Here's a few things,,
You need to know if you wanna be
My one and only all my life....

As the first few lines and of course the title of this post itself conveys that i have not found my man yet. And yes,, of course it doesn't mean that i have not thought about the #kasam aur #vaada that i want from my future dear hubby. So my dear future hubby ,,, be ready ;) Here comes few of the kasams out of the long list.

1. I want my man to make a promise that as I would be going to accept his family wholeheartedly, he should also accept my family in the same way. The way I would be going to give the love and respect to all his family members, I accept the same from him for my family too.
2.The second promise that I want from him is that sometimes I may be irritated and may act in a crazy way ,,, so in those moments he must understand me and be by my side. Comfort me in time of distress. 

3.He must promise to dance with me. Yes,, you read it right. As I love dancing, he should dance with me often. I'll love it,, if in addition to dance he'll sing for me (Singing will be a bonus point ;) )
4.Promise to go with me on shopping. and not just go,,, I also want him to help me out genuinely in making choices while shopping. (I know ,,, ye thoda mushkil hai,,, but if he loves me ,, he will bear it with too... :D )
5. Secret and Lies Kill relationship. So no Lies please. I want him to promise me that he will never lie to me. Promise to be a true and faithful partner.
6. Love is built on trust. Relationships that are not anchored in trust are not made to survive rocky trials. Therefore, I want him to promise me to trust me.
7. Promise to show me sweet romantic gestures every now and then so that our love flourishes and our relationship never lose it's spark.
8. Last but not the least,,, Promise to love me for who i am with all your heart.

chalo,,, abhi k liye itna baaki hai,,, furthermore i'll tell him when i'll meet him... :)

P.S. - I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.

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