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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Empower Women

I have been observing women and their difficulties in empowerment since my childhood. Whether it is for political power or power to put any point in family. 

Whatever I know through my experience is that- everybody wants some kind of power. Women also want power, but their choice of power may be different from men. That’s why I think it took this long claim their equality. Why I am saying this – because if women wanted equality like men they would have regained very earlier. 

Women constitute 50% of human population. How 50% of population can dominate other 50%. Do you have any reason for this, I don’t have any. Women’s 50% consists of mother and wife. How many men do you think can survive without mother and wife 5 to 10%?  Your answer.

If women lost their power in the process of civilization or modernization, I would blame them too, why? Because you can’t expect from anybody to not to take advantage of you (women) if you don’t let it happen. It’s a known fact that women lack unity, this is why taking advantage of them is easy. 

 Tell me some good example of women unity in comments if you have any. If you talk about India, you will say women don’t dominate due to lack of education or a patriarchal society, but what about west. Why even Google, Facebook and Microsoft are trying very hard to bring more women onboard……….where is the fault? Whom to blame? Interviewer?  Company Policy? Family pressure? 
According to USA’s National science foundation women have higher degree ratio but men dominate them in science and technology. It’s under 25% (Means- for every 100 students, there are more than 75 men and less than 25 women - Tell me dear women how do you really expect equality when you are opting out high paying and technological degrees (STEM in particular) by yourself. 

See the report now
Dear ladies, if you want luxury of equality, you have to work hard equally like men. You have to come out of comfort zone. Please don’t want a Prince charming who will come and you won’t have to work ever. I know most of you are not like this but still there are male dominating field and women dominating field. And most dominating field is not that tough as you may think. Like being a computer science engineer. It require all the skills your already have or you can gain it from the hard work and experience. 

I am waiting for ladies to join these fields where they should be present.

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  1. Women have extra responsibility to take care of kids and family. Men generally don't do it, so it becomes difficult for women to devote 8-9 hours of office and manage home too.