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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Robots are coming next door, Are you prepared?

If you read even a bit of recent technological news, you may have fair idea where it all going! And besides all the advancement, the main concern of our era is quick and revolutionary advancement of AI.

Before going into further detail, let's discuss some progresses already achieved in AI.

  1.  You can be uniquely identified by your voice with 90% of accuracy. Link
  2. Voice recognition has been as good as human being. These first two points jointly identifies who you are and what you are talking about. Link
  3. Face recognition accuracy has been reached to 97%, where as human accuracy has been around 96%. More or less AI is reaching there where your one image can be identified at different places with certainty. Link
  4. Letter scanning technology has been improved so far that it can identify your cursive handwriting with 99% of accuracy. Scan any image containing any text, it will identify and highlight texts within it. Be it a machine text or human text AI is now able to extract the textual information. Link (Read Conclusion)
  5.  Google's AI Deep Mind is able to defeat world's Go Champion Lee in 4-1. This is done through AI without much computation as supposed earlier with such game's complexity. Link
  6. Driverless cars are now a reality. Tesla is one such good example. Google has been running it's driverless cars for 2 years successfully. Link
  7. News story can be created in real time with the help of AI. This puts news editor's job in danger. Link1 Link2
  8. Book review is pipelined for AI.
  9. Chatbots to help or chat with them.  Link
  10. Poetry and music creation is now possible. Link1 Link2
  11. It is getting better day by day in poker game even. Link
  12. Able to create paintings. Link
  13. Movie script writing. Link
  14. Spam Filtering. Link
  15. Movie and product recommendations. Link
Some further links
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AI works best where there is certain rules to follow and need little human intervention, but it is not limited to above use case only. It can learn almost all of human skills in quick manner if it is programmed that way whether it is a labour intensive job or requires a creative thinking.
Knowing the recent speed and efforts companies are putting in AI, there is no surprise there will be AI for all kind of job, in that scenario what will human left to do is a big question to think!!!
Now you got the fair idea that AI is reading at human level or at par with human in some or other fields. In today's internet world it will take no longer to reach such technology to other part of planet. (Read developed world to developing world). We will see more and more applications based on AI in near future at a rapid rate. Everything that can be automated will be automated.
But there is a catch for you, once automation will be in place, it will be hard to bypass/trick an AI based robot. Let's see some hypothetical examples:

  • Suppose there is a Robotic Traffic Police Man which controls traffic as well as gives challan to traffic rule violators. Can you manage to bribe that Robo Cop? There is a 100% surety that it can't be bribed and 99% chance that it can't be fooled.
  • Similarly if you have evaded some taxes then some Robot based income tax inspector will come to arrest you, can you bribe him?

In coming 5 to 10 years, it will be hard to evade from your wrong karma and if you are able to escape from God's punishment make no mistake. AI will punish you for sure. He will track your current record as well as previous records and will do the needful.