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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Colgate and Aliens

My nephew is one of the naughty and crazy kid around. I never knew the creative side of him. When I was shortlisted for the Colgate magic stories, I thought I will let him play with it and see where it goes. When the gift arrived, he was already aware about this series. He was very happy that all of three unique cards have arrived.
He cut the pack with great zeal. I also helped him a bit to expedite.  He even corrected me when I put one card in wrong base.

He was reluctant to make story at first. So I had to blackmail him. I put the condition that he can take away those cards only if he writes the story. I handed him a paper and pen and I left the room.
Here is the storyline by my nephew - “Ashutosh”.
“”Once there were two scientist, one’s name was Jack and other’s name was John. They had listen that there are aliens on Mars.  So one day they decided to travel a long journey. (To find aliens maybe!!!). They started making their own spaceship. After many months their spaceship got ready to fly.

They dressed in astronauts suite and launched the spaceship. After an hour they were in space, they decided first not to go to Mars but to Neptune. They were going at the speed of light for Neptune. After reaching there they didn’t find any alien there. So they went to Urenus but no luck then move to Saturn then Jupitor but no luck there also. Finally they landed on Mars, as they had listened that there were aliens on Mars. 

Jack and John parted in different directions in search of aliens. Jack gone in the west and John gone in the east. They both taken a gun with themselves for safety. Walking and walking Jon had gone in the area where aliens lived.

When an alien saw a strange person in its area he got very angry. It fired on John but target got missed. John got scared what was happening!  At that moment a UFO came flying in front of him. He quickly understood that it was an alien attack. He called Jack to help him and destroy the alien.

Jack quickly took the spaceship and reached where John was fighting with aliens. John was in real trouble but Jack went and saved John. After that both fought with the aliens and destroyed them.””

I am quite impressed by Ashutosh's imagination, I will shamelessly use him more. :P 
“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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