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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rehauling Higher Education in India

We know that current state of higher education in India is not in top form. Here are some points which I want to highlight..
*** Current Scenario
1. Theory based University Education.
2. More weight-age to theoretical papers.
3. Poor Infrastructure.
4. Severe negligence to intelligent students who are very good a particular subject not in all subject.
5. Lack of experienced teacher in terms of industrial exposure.
6. Government funding is not sufficient or funding is mismanaged.
7. Syllabus is not upto-date. 
8. Student feedback system is absent or not known.
9. NPTEL course material is good enough but not known to all university.
10. Some university sessions run late due to which a degree course takes more time than required.
*** What can be done::
1. Training of faculty members to
1.1 update about current industrial standards
1.2 update about current industrial trends
1.3 appreciate the efforts of students who want to go beyond the syllabus and want to invent/develop something.
1.4 having proper practical knowledge of subject.
1.5 conduct workshops relevant to their majors
2. Time to time inter university or Intra- University initiatives, competitions and workshops
3. Universities should have special fund to invest in an idea or project if found promising.
4. Proper infrastructure so that students can do their hands-on effectively and efficiently.
5. Keeping the practical tool updated: e.g: TurboC is still used in universities whereas it's support has been withdrawn from 2009. Similarly Adobe Flash is going to be absolute so there is no need to put efforts in learning that.
6. Although arrangement of guest faculties is norm in universities/colleges, but still not very popular form of teaching. We can do this arrangement for specific topics instead of subject specific.
7. Free availability of research papers are available for few universities only, government can make some arrangements that small colleges and universities get same kind of benefits also.
8. In every universities we can have an IP(Intellectual Property) Panel, which help to expedite to get patents for the innovations done by students during their college term.
9. Government can put some incentive program for universities who keep on publishing new research papers. This will increase competitive environment.