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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Invite friends to test or develop your facebook app

You may want to test your app thoroughly before submitting to facebook for review. Facebook gives you freedom to do so. You can add developer and tester independently for your app.

Click on "Add Developers" or "Add Testers".

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The new star in town - Mobiistar (Review XQ dual)

Whenever you want to invest your time and money, your natural instinct to go with the known and  established brands. But keeping your mind open help to get hands on new products from new companies can get you surprises. Sometime positives sometime negative. But keeping our mind open - is the most important thing in this era. It helps to rationalise your requirements with available options in the market.
What this rationalisation does-

  • Stops making  monopolistic companies. When you shop according to your need without bias- you may be surprise to know there are many alternatives available in the market which can satisfy your needs without burning hole in pocket as well as giving good utility at the same time. 
  • When you purchase a different product from lesser known company, it helps the new company build their confidence in their product as well revenue to continue their further product development.
Today I want to introduce you a new kid in the town - better known as mobiistar.  Mobiistar is a Vietnamese company focusing on expansion the horizons of mobile technology adoption with affordability. Mobiistar is launching in India with 2 handsets

  • XQ dual
  • CQ
Let's talk about XQ dual. I will dive directly why phone stands out. This phone come with a dual front camera(13+8 MP) with a price of _ INR. It covers 120° wide-angle shot to show the vivid background of single person shot or can be extremely helpful in group-selfies. This phone  doesn't only come with dual front camera it is also equipped with  430 Snapdragon processor, 3000 mAh battery , 13 megapixel back camera and 3GB RAM. The phone look and feel sturdy. With a metal back it should withstand daily wear and tear.

All these features in this price, I will surely give it a try. XQ dual come with the philosophy of 'Enjoy More' and I think its feature and price deserves to be #EnjoyMore .

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Portfolio Management in 2017

I had a book called "Intelligent Investor" from 2015 but couldn't get time to read it. Due to which my portfolio get good punishment in till the end of 2016. Here are the stats
  • Started investing from July 2015
  • Till Dec 2016. If my invested amount was x, it's market value was 0.9x
  • Means I was in overall loss of 10%.
  • Started reading investing books from Jan 2017.
  • After much juggling here are the stats after a year ie at the end Dec 2017.

    • Total amount invested, Y =1.8x
    • Total current market value= 2.25x (1.23Y)
    • Total dividends recvd      =  3.3% of x (1.8 % of Y=3.3% of yearly return)
    • Total profit booked          =8.6% of x   (4.7 % of Y=9% of yearly return)
    • Total profit perceived      =23%+1.8%+4.7%=29.5% of Y =34% of yearly return

As you can see this year I started with -10% return at the start of year to +30% overall return at the end of year. This may be a luck or hard work, I don't know. But I surely know one thing that "At the start of year I gave a target to myself that my portfolio's dividend should be around saving account's interest given by bank. And see I am pretty close to it. This 3.3% vs 3.5%. Where as you have to give 10% tax on saving account interest while dividends are tax free. If you give tax on 3.5% then effectively interest earned by saving account would be 3.15% which is less than what I earned in dividends. This was what wanted from my portfolio and I am happy to get it.

The purpose of this article is motivate people to come to financial knowledge. I am not suggesting to jump into share market by reading few books unless you want to keep track of your portfolio by yourself. Share market has been historically beaten inflation as well as Fixed deposit income. If you want to dive into it. Then I would prefer you to start with mutual funds. I have taken some mutual funds which gave me return more or less than mine. So why take the burden on yourself, study few mutual funds and start with small amount. Take long term approach in the share/equity market.

And last but not the least- Keep learning.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

God A.I. and Humans

There is a question which is centuries old and still asked by many. The question is- "Is there any God? If yes, does he cares about us?"

The same question was asked me to myself several times. To get the answer, I started digging many old and new books- From scientific books like "the theory of everything by Stephens Hawkin" to religious books like Bhagwad Geeta,Quran and Bible.

As you can imagine, finding this answer is not straight forward. I keep searching for this. Then one day I started comparing A.I. to the human mind. In normal case one would try to compare A.I. advancement while keeping human mind as base. I did the comparison in reverse way. Means, I kept the A.I. advancement as base and compared human mind with it.

A.I. enables us to feed the data and it gives output only based on previous experience or predefined rules. A.I. can also help find the pattern out of scattered data. A.I. usually has multiple stages through which data passes and get transformed, one stage's output feed data to next stage as input. This process can be reversed to get interesting results too.

Doesn't our human mind works like this, actually A.I. tries to mimic to human brain. Am I making any sense?

A.I. improves with number of iterations or say time so does human. If we code to penalise A.I. for its mistakes it will learn from mistakes so does human.

So what is a perfect A.I. - which can take situational decisions without being biased and without taking external help. How much time we can take to built such perfect A.I. - that's debatable. My prediction is never for a generic A.I. . Although we can create A.I. for specific tasks but creating a generic A.I - I will wait and watch.

My question to myself was - Can God program such a perfect A.I.? God can do anything right? Thus he created us(human mind per se) which is an example of perfect A.I.

The best thing about perfect AI is that it doesn’t need changes to its program to reach a sensible output in a changed condition.

Take example of Tesla autonomous driving as an example- in its earlier phase people find it buggy to take decision by itself. Turns and lane changing were not smooth. But even without software update it got better.

Similarly human makes mistake, God is not here to guide us - what to do next? We have to figure it out by ourselves. And as we know God makes no mistakes - he has given us inherit capabilities to learn and guide ourself in almost every condition. If you get hurt physically, you learn to avoid the same mistake. Simple!

So there is a God who built us so beautifully that we can guide can ourself to achieve anything. Buddha, Muhammad and Mahavir got their learning and lessons by themselves and tried to make this world a better place to live in.

Eventually, we can do the same. We need not to follow what our traditions and religions say. Following those only fall in supervised learning, which is not a big deal to code. What matters is - unsupervised learning, we are built for that. If we used to follow what is said before- there would no no new inventions. Take any modern product and show it to 200 year old guy - he would say all these inventions as magic or trick. This is the beauty of our human mind that we can think what other haven't thought of till date. Take Einstein as  an example - " His special theory of relativity" was a matter of debate that. He thought of himself and today we are just enough capable of proving his various theories through experiment because at that these experiment were not possible.

God probably is busy doing some other stuffs than monitoring our human life every once here and there. If he has not created the best version of A.I., he would have launched A.I. V2.0 long back then- you never know which version you are. As God is the perfect maker - I don't think he need to maintain any version. Otherwise, versioning is itself a complicated tool. But do you think God has made a mistake so he needs to bring version V2.0?? Not, right??

I believe in him. He created us directly the best version and revolution and evolution lies within us. It is our capabilities what we want to learn and achieve from this infinite universe.

Remember, you can be Tesla - driven by itself or a Chevy - driven by some human. [Sorry Chevy I have to take your name till you reach a good level of AI].