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Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Install Windows 8 Developer Preview on VirtualBox

Its always recommended that we should install any alpha/beta version of any OS inside a virtual setup to avoid mess with our real hardware and data. So here i gonna tell you how you can install Windows 8 Developer Preview inside a virtual box.  I have this version

Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64) 

so I have to gave it 2Gb of RAM inside my virtual and you can give 2 gb of RAM inside a virtual box if you have got total of 4gb system's RAM. Give it more if you have more of it.
For 32bit preview 1 GB is sufficient . Now I will start a step by step guide to do it..

1. Creating a new Virtual Machine

2. Give Desired name {In version select other}

3. Give as much as you can{2 GB  recommended}

4. Create a new VHD

5. Choose VDI 

6. Choose Dynamic to save disk space

7. Give the disk space minimum of 20 gb 

8. Just click Create

9. Again do the same

10. After creating the virtual machine, click on settings to enable IO APIC . Its under Sytem>motherboard
This is the extended feature of Virtual Box

Now Start the Virtual Box to Continue Installation....................

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