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Thursday, September 8, 2011

using debian package manager offline { installing new softwares offline}

If you have internet connection then .. You will have no problems at all for installing any new software in debian. But sometimes internet doesn't belong to you due to various reasons like::
1. you have not submitted your bills
2. Wrong network configuration
3. Travelling into a remote area...etc
Then suddenly you feel to install some software or application or game..Then what you do....
I have a small and difficult solution for you....
Do the following steps::

1. Download all the DVD packs of your respective architecture like I have 64bit configuration then I have to download all the DVDs in my PC.
I know this is a difficult task but it worths because debian is a rolling distro so you don't have to worry that the packages may expires in 6 months.. Almost you can  enjoy two years without internet for application already in debian repo..

2. Below is the text containing all package name below their respective DVD release.. what you have to do is copy all contains from below or from debian site then make a single file containing all the package name like Below.

3. To install a package from repo first search it in synaptic manager then you can find its exact name .. Then search this name in text file you created ... This search will suggest in which DVD you can find that package..

4. Now open open that DVD with archive manager and type ctrl+f to search the desired package. Open that .deb file with dpkg and install it..
Enjoy debian offline..If you have better alternative then Please suggest in comment..

5. The same packages can be also used in Debian based distros like :
Ubuntu ,Mint , etc...

here is sample doc containing all DVD packages name in a single file :: Download

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