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Monday, September 26, 2011

What we Indians Need to Learn

1. This video shows Indians vs German . But if you replace Germany with any other country the story will be same.. We need to learn some basics of Civic sense, how to behave in society. I feel shame when I know that we are OLDEST civilization but still we don't have any Etiquette.
Now I share some important Etiquette that we Indians usually miss{even in city like Delhi}..

  1.   Spitting on roads, streets, corners of stairs...
  2.   Not following traffic rules in Night{No one follows}
  3.   Pedestrians don't bother traffic light{Even cross road in green Light}
  4.   Not maintaining queue.{if ever been to mehendipur balaji in Rajasthan you can see yourself.
 If we indians can't maintain queue in a temple what do you expect from them(us)}
This video is just a mirror to us
List to be continue...
comment for more suggestions we need to learn

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